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Record: oai:ARNO:509215

AuthorC. Ritsema Cz.
TitleA new Sumatran species of the Coleopterous genus Helota
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractAllied to Helota sinensis Oll. and tonkinensis Rits., but distinguished by the differently coloured prothorax and legs, and, in the male sex, by the want of pubescence in the semiovate impression on the apical ventral segment, and by that of the tuft of long hairs on the inside of the apex of the posterior tibiae.
Length 8 mm. — Above rugose in consequence of a very dense punctuation, the sutural streak, however, slightly shining; provided on each elytron with two yellow convex spots and with four rows of slightly raised glossy warts of different shape and size. The colour of the upper surface is dark greenish bronze, the scutellum and the sutural interstices coppery; the anterior lateral angles of the pronotum fulvous; the antennae fulvous, the top of the joints (except of those of the club) darker; the anterior pair of the convex yellow spots on the elytra larger and irregularly roundish, the posterior pair smaller and elongate ovate. -- The under surface is fulvous, with the exception of the head (without the throat), the anterior margin of the middle portion of the presternum, the coxae and the elytral epipleurae which are coppery or greenish bronze; the lateral portions of the prosternum, the intercoxal part of the raeso- and metasternum, as well as the anterior lateral angles of the metasternum with a coppery hue; the femora are fulvous with the end dark pitchy and with a coppery hue on the tip; the tibiae are fulvous with the base and a ring just beyond the middle pitchy; the tarsi are pitchy with the base of the claw-joint and that of the claws fulvous.
Document typearticle
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