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Record: oai:ARNO:509235

AuthorF.A. Jentink
TitleDescription of a Shrew from Surinam
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractIn my “Catalogue systématique des Mammifères, T. XII, 1888, p. 131” I recorded a small shrew from Surinam under the specific title pyrrhonota; till now the animal waits for a description. It seems that Shrews are very rare animals in Surinam, as I nowhere could hunt out another mentioned specimen; as far as I am aware the only Surinam-shrew has been exhibited by Lin. Gmelin, T. I, 1789, p. 114, under the name Sorex surinamensis. It is a pity that the history of our specimen is entirely unknown and the locality Surinam so very vague; this may be as it is, the shrew however differs from all hitherto described species, and I will describe it now under the well appropriate name bestowed upon it in 1888: Blarina pyrrhonota Jentink. „ . 4—4 1 — 1 2—2 3—3 Denfahtt: o. , p. j-j , m. j-j _ 62.
Document typearticle
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