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Record: oai:ARNO:509236

AuthorD. Sharp
TitleOn the genera Ubanius Senna, and Psalobrenthus (Sharp)
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractIn Vol. XVI of » Notes from the Leyden Museum” Dr. Senna described some new Brenthidæ, among them Ubanius æneus (n. g. and n. sp.) from Central America. The species was characterised from three examples, one male of unknown habitat in the collection of the Brussels Museum, one female from Mexico in the Rothschild Museum, and a second female, said to be from Chiriqui, in Dr. Senna’s collection.
At this time my descriptions of the Central American Brenthidæ were completed, but on receiving Dr. Senna’s paper I was able by the kindness of the Honorable Walter Rothschild to compare the female of Ubanius æneus in his collection with the rich series of Central American Brenthidæ of Messrs. Godman and Salvin that had formed the material for the work since published ¹). His specimen quite agreed with an insect from Mexico I had described under the name of Episphales potens, n. sp. I accordingly suppressed the name I had intended to use, replacing it by that of Ubanius æneus Senna.
Document typearticle
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