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Record: oai:ARNO:509246

AuthorM.M. Schepman
TitleOn a collection of Shells from the Moluccas
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractThe shells mentioned in this paper, were, for the greater part, collected by Prof. K. Martin on his journey in the East Indian Archipelago, which was undertaken with geological purposes. Another series was brought together by G. W. W. C. Baron van Hoëvell, Resident of Amboyna. This second series contained only a few species, which were, however, represented by a large number of individuals. All these specimens are presented to the Leyden Museum by Messrs. van Hoëvell and Martin. I have included two species from Celebes, though this isle does not belong geographically to the Moluccas. The most interesting part of the collection, consists in the large number of smaller species from a cleft in coral-limestone on Saparoea. From this isle only a few species were known, by the recent publication of Prof. Boettger on the Mollusks collected by Mr. A. Strubell (Bericht Senckenb. naturf. Gesellsch. 1891, pp. 241—318). The list is now considerably enlarged by the discoveries of Prof. Martin.
Only one species, a Macrochlamys, is new to science, and of the variety of another, Helix unguiculastra var. pilosa Mart., the exact locality was still unknown. Moreover I have described a new variety of Helix zonaria Linn. As, however, many species are remarkable on account of their variability or their localities, I thought it might be desirable to give the complete list.
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