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Record: oai:ARNO:509262

AuthorJ.R.H. Neervoort van de Poll
TitleRemarks on Gymnetis Kerremansi, v. d. Poll
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractIn volume VIII (p. 231) of the »Notes”, I have described a Cetonid from Panama, under the name of Gymnetis Kerremansi. This species belongs to the Central- American fauna and of course Mr. Bates has had to deal with it in the »Biologia Centrali-Americana”. As I had recently the pleasure of visiting my distinguished friend, he told me that my G. Kerremansi had given him much trouble and that he was not at all sure, the species he had mentioned and figured in the above quoted work, was really referable to my Kerremansi. In as much as I could judge from memory, the specimens he showed me did not agree with my species, but not having looked at my Gymnetis for several months, I would not risk a decided opinion. However, I promised Mr. Bates to study the question as soon as I should be back at home, in order to make it possible to insert eventual corrections in the Supplement of the Scarabaeidae of Messrs Godman and Salvin’s work.
Now, after having carefully studied and compared my insect and description with the figures and remarks published by Mr. Bates, I have not the least hesitation in considering my G. Kerremansi perfectly distinct. It is evident that Mr. Bates has endeavoured to make my description fit for the species that had come under his notice, therefore my terms »cervina” and »fallow” had to mean bluish-grey, therefore no attention has been paid to the coloration of the elytra, which is very characteristic, each elytron having in the middle a pale yellow large oval spot surrounded by a mixture of ochraceous rufous-brown and black, the latter colour even predominates. The glabrous parts of the underside and the legs, I described as brilliant black with a strong purple-bronze hue, which is also in contradiction with the figure in the Biologia, where legs of a greenish colour are represented.
Document typearticle
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