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Record: oai:ARNO:509266

AuthorC. Ritsema Cz.
TitleOn Cyclommatus squamosus Rits
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractIn vol. XIV of the »Notes” (p. 45—48) I described under the above name two male Lucanidae, one as belonging to the forma major, the other as belonging to the forma minor of the species: they were the only specimens with which I was acquainted at that date. Now Mr. Oberthür sends me a beautiful series (18 ♂♂ and 3 ♀♀) a Cyclommatus-species, found near Sandakan, North Borneo, and utters the opinion that it may belong to Cyclommatus insignis Parry = squamosus Rits. A comparison of the Sandakan-specimens with the type-specimen of insignis, kindly forwarded to me by Mr. Oberthür, convinced me of their identity. Moreover, the specimen from Brunei, described by me as the major development of C. squamosus, proved to be likewise identical with the Sandakan-species (insignis Parry), but this can not be said of the specimen from Sintang described by me as the minor development. The latter undoubtedly belongs to a distinct species for which the name squamosus may be maintained. It differs from insignis (comparing specimens of similar development) by the dentition of the basal portion of the mandibles; by the more deeply impressed head which is thicker (the difference is very conspicuous when the head is seen sideways) and has the front more steeply sloping; by the more strongly protruding front angles of the thorax, which moreover are broader, their outer margin being much more strongly curved; by the narrower and parallel-sided elytra; by the slightly thicker tibiae, of which the anterior pair are more strongly spined along the outer edge, etc.
Leyden Museum, January 1894.
Document typearticle
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