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Record: oai:ARNO:509296

AuthorJ. B├╝ttikofer
TitleOn two new species of Birds from South Celebes
JournalNotes from the Leyden Museum
AbstractAmongst the numerous birds, collected by the Dutch botanist Teysmann in the district of Macassar during the year 1878, the Leyden Museum is in possession of a specimen of the genus Cinnyris, which I am not able to identify with any known species and which I introduce here under the name of Cinnyris Teysmanni.
Entire crown, sides of head, hind neck, mantle, back and rump, wing-coverts and outer edge of quills uniform earthy brown with a slight tinge of olive, upper tailcoverts purplish brown, tail-feathers purplish black, the outer webs narrowly edged with metallic green; chin and throat metallic purplish blue, flanked on both sides with a broad metallic green stripe, forming a moustachial streak which is produced down to the sides of the chest; the latter is separated from the breast by a narrow maroonbrown cross-bar which is somewhat paler than in C. asiaticus: breast, flanks, abdomen and under tail-coverts black with a purplish gloss, pectoral tufts bright yellow without any trace of orange-red, under wing-coverts and thighs dusky black; bill of the same size as in C. asiaticus and C. zenobia, but rather less strongly bent, black; feet black. Wing 5,3 cm.; tail 3,5; tarsus 1,5, bill from front 1,8.
Document typearticle
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