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Record: oai:ARNO:509473

AuthorJ.J. Vermeulen
TitleA taxonomic revision of the Continental African Bulbophyllinae
JournalOrchid Monographs
AbstractThis paper contains a taxonomic revision of the Bulbophyllinae, with the genera Bulbophyllum (including Cirrhopetalum and Megaclinium) and Chaseella, from continental Africa (including Bioko (Fernando Poo), Sao Tome, Principe, Annobon and Zanzibar). Keys are given to the genera and species. For each species full synonymy, descriptions, notes on distribution, habitat etc. and a line drawing are presented. Many species are also illustrated by colour photographs. Three new taxa are described: Bulbophyllum subligaculiferum, B. bidenticulatum ssp. joyceae and B. scaberulum var. crotalicaudatum. Some new combinations are made. The botanical terminology used is clarified.
Document typearticle
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