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Record: oai:ARNO:509490

AuthorM.M.J. van Balgooy
JournalPacific Plant Areas
AbstractThe first volume of this series was published as Monograph 8 of the National Institute of Sience and Technology in Manila, the second as Supplement 5 of Blumea. Originally I intended to publish the third volume as another supplement of Blumea, but following the advice of the Director of the Rijksherbarium Dr. C. Kalkman, I decided to issue it separately. After this chequered history the series will hopefully be continued as an irregular publication of the Rijksherbarium.
It is a pleasure to see that already in this early stage P.P.A. has induced thought and has been made use of, e.g. by Thorne (1972)ยน.
Document typearticle
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