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Record: oai:ARNO:524472

AuthorJ.T. Johansson
TitleA new species of Coelospermum (Rubiaceae) from New Caledonia
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractAffinis C. monticoli Baillon ex Guill. sed vulgo fruticosa foliis crassis, plerumque retusis vel emarginatis, calycibus brevibus. – Frutex ad 3 m altus, raro scandens ad 7 m altus. Stipulae 1,3- 4,1 mm longae. Folia 2 ad nodos. Petiolus 3-31 mm longus. Lamina 2,3-15 cm longa, 1-7 cm lata, oblonga vel anguste oblonga vel anguste ad late obovata vel elliptica vel late elliptica, coriacea, infra pallide viridis vel glauca; basis anguste cuneata; margo plus minusve reflexa; apex obtusus vel retusus vel emarginatus vel acuminatus acumine ad 3 mm longo; nervi secundarii (4 —) 5—9 (—10); domatia absentia. Inflorescentia corymbosa vel breviter paniculata, 1-4 cm longa, nodis tumidis, (1-)5-20-flora; inflorescentiae partiales 3-7, 1-4-florae; pedicellus simplex vel raro biconnatus, (0-)0,5-9 mm longus et 0,9-1,3 mm latus (florens). Calycis tubus 0,8-1,9 mm longus et 2,4 – 3,2 mm latus, intus colleteribus numerosis; dentes ad 0,3 mm longi. Corollae tubus 3-7 mm longus et 2,2-2,9 mm latus; lobi 10-16 mm longi et 2,3-4,1 mm lati. Filamenta 3,4-8 mm longa; antherae 5-8 mm longae. Ovarium simplex. Stylus 7,5-11 mm longus; stigma 3,3-6 mm longum. Drupa 15-18 mm longa et 13-15 mm lata, globosa vel obovoidea, lutescens. – Typus: Johansson 107, New Caledonia, Pic du Pin, 400 m alt., 30 Dec. 1983 (S, holo).
Usually a shrub up to 3 m, sometimes a liana up to 7 m. Stipules 1.3-4.1 mm long. Leaves 2 at each node; petiole 3-31 mm long; lamina 2.3-15 x 1-7 cm, usually oblong or obovate or elliptic, sometimes narrowly oblong or narrowly or broadly obovate or broadly elliptic, coriaceous and thick, green or yellowish green on adaxial side, paler green to glaucous on abaxial side; base narrowly cuneate; margin reflexed; apex usually obtuse and rounded or broadly acute, sometimes retuse or emarginate or acuminate with acumen up to 3 mm long; pairs of secondary veins (4-)5-9(-10); venation yellowish green to yellow; domatia lacking; cuticle striate. Inflorescence a corymb or a short panicle, 1-4 cm long, with 5-20 flowers (flowers rarely single in an axillary reduced cyme); partial inflorescences 3-7, dichasia, each with 1-4 flowers; nodes of branches swollen; lowermost inflorescence branches 0.6-2 cm long; branches opposite; pedicels usually simple, rarely partially connate, (0-)0.5-9 mm long and 0.9-1.3 mm in diam. in flower, up to 11 mm long and up to at least 2 mm in diam. in fruit; calyx tube 0.8-1.9 mm long, 2.4-3.2 mm in diam.; colleters abundant along base of adaxial side; calyx teeth up to 0.3 mm long; corolla tube 3-7 mm long, 2.2-2.9 mm in diam.; corolla lobes 10-16 mm long, 2.3-4.1 mm wide, 2.1-3.3 times longer than tube; filaments 3.4-8 mm long; anthers 5-8 mm long; pollen grains: P = 39-46 μm; E = 44-60 μm; ovaries simple; style 7.5-11 mm long; stigma 3.3-6 mm long. Fruit 15-18 x 13-15 mm, globose to obovoid, yellow.
Document typearticle
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