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Record: oai:ARNO:524764

AuthorsA.M.N. van Hooren, H.P. Nooteboom
TitleLinaceae and Ctenolophonaceae especially of Malesia, with notes on their demarcation anf the realtionships with Ixonanthaceae
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractLinaceae, Ctenolophonaceae and Ixonanthaceae are regarded as separate families. In Linaceae two subfamilies are recognized, only one of which occurs in Malesia, Hugonioideae, with three genera, Hugonia, Indorouchera, Philbornea. In Hugonia two sections are recognized, sect. Hugonia with H. costata Miq. and sect. Durandea with H. jenkinsii F.v.Muell. In Indorouchera two species are recognized, I. contestiana (Pierre) Hall. f. and I. griffithiana (Planch.) Hall. f. Philbornea has only one species, P. magnifolia (Stapf) Hall. f.
Ctenolophonaceae contains only the genus Ctenolophon with two species, of which one, C. parvifolius Oliv., in Malesia.
This is a precursor for the Flora Malesiana treatment. Delimitation and subdivision are discussed with chapters on anatomy, floral morphology, embryology, etc.
Document typearticle
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