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Record: oai:ARNO:525059

AuthorW. Vink
TitleRevision of the Sapotaceae of the Malaysian area in a wider sense. XIII. Chrysophyllum L
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
Keywordsbalansae; beccarii; brevicaule; calomeris; castanospermum; curtisii; dubium; firmum; floribundum; francii; javanicum; ledermannii; leptocladum; longipes; macrocarpum; monopyrenum; ? papuanicum; parvifolium; peninsulare; philippense; polynesicum; ? pyriforme; rhodoneurum; roxburghii; sebertii; Lucuma amorphosperma; chartacea; lanceolata; prunifera; Niemeyera chartacea; prunifera; Nycterisition lanceolatum; Ochrothallus ? balansae; francii; litseaeflorus; sessilifolius; intermedia; leptoclada; papuanica; intermedia; Sersalisia baileyana; Sideroxylon derryanum; papuanicum; Tropalanthe lamii; Trouettia intermedia; leptoclada; parvifolia
AbstractIn the present study only those species of the genus Chrysophyllum have been incorporated which are found in the area covered by the Flora Malesiana, as well as those of Australia and New Caledonia.
We express our most sincere thanks to the Curators of the State University at Leiden for allowing a grant, enabling a visit at the herbarium of Paris, to the Directors of the herbaria of Bogor, Brisbane, Canberra, Florence, Jamaica Plain, Kepong, Kew, Lae, Leiden, London, Melbourne, Montpellier, New York, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Utrecht and Z├╝rich for putting their respective material at our disposal, to Dr Bakhuizen van den Brink for rivising the Latin descriptions and to Miss M. van Leeuwen for doing most of the typewriting.
Document typearticle
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