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Record: oai:ARNO:525295

AuthorC.C. Berg
TitleFlora Malesiana precursor for the treatment of Moraceae 8: Other genera than Ficus
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
KeywordsMoraceae; Artocarpeae; Antiaropsis; Artocarpus; Prainea; Streblus; Malesia
AbstractThe tribe Artocarpeae is redefined, the tribe Soroceae is established by change of rank, and as a consequence a new tribe Antiaropsidae is established. Moreover, a new species Antiaropsis uniflora C.C. Berg is described. In Artocarpus a new species is described, A. albobrunneus C.C. Berg, one subspecies is raised to the rank of species, A. brevipedunculatus (F.M. Jarrett) C.C. Berg, and new subspecies are described in several species, A. longifolius Becc. subsp. adpressus C.C. Berg, A. teijsmannii Miq. subsp. subglabrus C.C. Berg. In Prainea, P. papuana is reduced to a subspecies, P. limpato (Miq.) K. Heyne subsp. papuana (Becc.) C.C. Berg. In Streblus the sections Pseudomorus (Bureau) Corner and Taxotrophis (Blume) Corner are reinstated, S. urophyllus is reduced to a subspecies, S. glaber (Merr.) Corner subsp. urophyllus (Diels) C.C. Berg, in S. streblus var. australianus is raised to S. glaber subsp. australianus (C.T. White) C.C. Berg, and S. celebensis C.C. Berg is described as a new species.
Document typearticle
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