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Record: oai:ARNO:525633

AuthorB.H. Danser
TitleThe dates of publication of Blume’s Flora Javae
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractThe actual dates of publication of the greater part of BLUME’s Flora Javae (lit. 1) appear to be unknown among taxonomists. The title-page of the first volume is dated 1828, and we find the same year at the base of the preface. The volume containing the Orchideae (lit. 2) is dated 1858, but further dates are absent on the work. A cover for a fascicle containing the ”Planches inedites“ in the Groningen University Library is dated 1829, and there are indications that no such cover ever bore a later date. Therefore, perhaps, one often finds 1828, or 1828?, or 1829 as the year of publication of the whole first series. My investigations concerning the actual dates of publication have not yet given me all the information I wished to have, but the main points seem to be now known, and to be worth publication.
In tracing literature on this subject I was considerably helped by Messrs. Dr S. BLOEMBERGEN, then in Groningen, WILLIAM T. STEARN, London, and Dr C. G. G. J. VAN STEENIS, Buitenzorg. I wish to express my best thanks to these gentlemen for the kind assistance which they gave to me.
Document typearticle
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