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Record: oai:ARNO:525638

AuthorJ. Mennema
TitleThe Rijksherbarium and its contribution to the research on the Netherlands and European flora
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractIn the first decades of its existence the interest of the Rijksherbarium was certainly not directed towards the study of the Dutch and European flora. The initiative to embark on research of the flora of the Netherlands was born outside the walls of the institute. In 1845, R. B. van den Bosch initiated — elsewhere in Leiden! — the foundation of the ‘Vereeniging voor de Nederlandsche Flora’ (Society for the Netherlands Flora), later the ‘Nederlandsche Botanische Vereeniging’ (N.B.V.), to promote the knowledge of the flora and encourage the collection of plants for a ‘Vereenigingsherbarium’. This herbarium would house the main research materials for the composition of a flora of the Netherlands, which was the original target of the N.B.V.
The N.B.V. was to play a dominant role in the study of the Dutch flora. During the 150 years of its existence, the Rijksherbarium contributed significantly to studies of the Dutch and European flora in only three periods marked by the activities of, respectively, Suringar, Goethart (and Jongmans), and Van Ooststroom (and Reichgelt). Moreover it must be remembered that these botanists were also involved in other studies during their employment at the Rijksherbarium.
Document typearticle
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