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Record: oai:ARNO:525679

AuthorWilhelm Möschl
TitleÜber Cerastium papuanum (Caryophyllaceae)
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractCerastium papuanum Schltr. ex Mattfeld (1929) and C. keysseri Schltr. ex Mattfeld (1929) are united under the name C. papuanum Schlechter ex Mattfeld emend. Möschl, as they form one series of reduction, which starts with macropetalous and pentamerous tall-growing forms (subsp. phaenops Mattf., at about 1770 m and above) and ends with micropetalous and tetramerous low-growing cushions [subsp. keysseri (Schltr. ex Mattf.) Möschl] in the regions around the summits up to 4700 m in New Guinea. A glandular form of this species (var. eciliatum f. glandulosum Moschl) is described for the first time. Plants with few-flowered inflorescences with foliaceous bracts are described as var. dispersiflorum Möschl. A table shows petals, placentas, and other organs of this species for the first time. The possible relationship with C. octandrum Hochstetter ampl. Moschl in the peak regions of tropical Africa is suggested. Mention is also made of Uredo morobensis Cummins, which is the only parasite so far known.
Document typearticle
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