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Record: oai:ARNO:525735

AuthorR.E. Holttum
TitleStudies in the family Thelypteridaceae X. The genus Coryphopteris
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractAll known species of this genus are described, with synonymy for each and a key for identification. Seventeen new species are described: C. andersonii, C. andreae, C. arthrotricha, C. atjehensis, C. athyrioides, C. borealis, C. brevipilosa, C. hubrechtensis, C. iwatsukii, C. kolombangarae, C. meiobasis, C. microlepigera, C. seemannii, C. subbipinnata, C. tahanensis, C. tanggamensis, C. vitiensis. All other species, except C. hirsutipes, C. pectiniformis, and C. viscosa, are transferred from other genera to Coryphopteris. The following names are reduced to synonymy: Dryopteris megalocarpa v. A. v. R., D. indochinensis Chr., D. subviscosa v. A. v. R., D. supravillosa C. Chr., D. kinabaluensis Copel., D. linearis Copel., D. villosipes Gepp, D. rigidifolia v. A. v. R.; Lastrea ridleyi Bedd., L. robinsonii Ridl.; Nephrodium macgregorii Bak.; Thelypteris angulariloba Ching, T. simozawae Tagawa, T. herbacea Holttum, T. subglanduligera Ching. New varieties are described in C. viscosa, C. gymnopoda, C. pectiniformis, and C. pubirachis.
Document typearticle
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