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Record: oai:ARNO:525784

AuthorC.E. Ridsdale
TitleJackiopsis, a new name for Jackia Wall. (Rubiaceea – Jackieae)
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractJackia, published by Wallich, in 1824, is a well-known genus of uncertain tribal position within the Rubiaceae. Unfortunately there is an earlier, overlooked, genus published by Blume commemorating W. Jack (1795 – 1822). This has been cited in Index Kewensis 1 (1895) 1245 as being published in 1825, but the correct date is 1823 as indicated on the cards of the Index Nominum Genericorum. Blume (1823) consistently used the spelling Jakkia’; however, in 1825 he altered the spelling to ‘Jackia’ and added further species to the genus. Thus, it cannot be argued according to article 73 of the Code that Blume misspelled the latinized name of Jack. Jakkia and Jackia are to be treated as orthographic variants according to article 75 of the Code. Airy Shaw in Willis, Diet. Fl. Pl. & Ferns ed. 8 (1973) 602. also follows this interpretation. In all, the name Jackia has been used for three different genera of dicotyledonous plants; a new name is required for the Rubiaceous genus and that of Jackopsis is proposed. As stated the tribal position of Jackia Wall, is uncertain, but the genus is the type of the tribe Jackieae Korthals, an overlooked tribe in the Rubiaceae. This tribe is reinstated and tentatively placed in the subfamily Cinchoneae.
Document typearticle
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