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Record: oai:ARNO:526037

AuthorW.A. van Heel
TitleFlowers and fruits in Flacourtiaceae. I. Scaphocalyx spathacea Ridl
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractDescriptions are given of the flowers, fruits, and seeds. The petals have basal scales. The pistil is an urceolate structure issuing in 5—7 stigmas. In it are two whorls of ovules along the wall, the lower whorl in the same radial planes as are the stigmas, the upper whorl in alternate radii. The pistil wall is entirely covered by nectariferous hairs. There is a peculiar vascular bundle pattern. The ovule is sessile and atropous, the nucellus is beaked, the inner integument terminates into 2—4 projections, the outer integument into 2—4 lobes. The ovules develop into inferior seeds mainly by proximal growth. Lobes of the endocarp grow around the ectostome. The testa has its hard layer in the middle. The seeds consist of two parts, a hard container containing a free kernel, an air mantle being enclosed. This is probably a swimming device. As, moreover, the fruit is pulpous, the species probably is diplochorous. The results are put against the theory of metamorphosis and the carpel theory. It is thought that this Malaysian plant is a very unusual, possibly ancient, monotype.
Document typearticle
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