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Record: oai:ARNO:526046

AuthorE.F. de Vogel
TitleMonograph of the tribe Apostasieae (Orchidaceae)
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractThis paper embraces a full taxonomic revision of the tribe Apostasieae. The introduction is followed by an ample discussion of the taxonomic position of the Apostasieae and the affinities within the tribe.
The tribes Apostasieae and Cypripedieae are regarded as forming together the subfamily Cypripedioideae of the Orchidaceae.
Notes are given on the morphology and an evaluation is given on systematic characters and their value for specific delimitation. Two characters were formerly underestimated in Neuwiedia, notably the indument (maximal length of the glandless hairs) and the structure (texture) of the pericarp. The systematic treatment provides descriptions of the tribe, the genera, and the species, keys for identification, full synonymy, typification, geographical distribution, and an index to specimens examined. The Apostasieae range from Ceylon to the Ryukyus through to the Louisiades and North Queensland. Ranges are drawn on maps. Two genera are distinguished, Apostasia and Neuwiedia; Adactylus is reduced to sectional status under Apostasia.
In Neuwiedia 8 species are distinguished among which 4 are new, viz. 3 from Borneo and I from Siam. Under N. zollingeri, 2 varieties are recognized besides the type variety, both based on former species, viz. var. javanica (J.J.S.) de Vogel and var. singaporeana (Baker) de Vogel. One supposed new species is left unnamed because its flowers are yet unknown. In Apostasia 7 species are recognized; many earlier names had to be reduced; 4 belong to sect. Apostasia and 3 to sect. Adactylus Endl.
Document typearticle
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