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Record: oai:ARNO:526056

AuthorA. Kanis
TitleA revision of the Ochnaceae of the Indo-Pacific area Corrigenda
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractIn table I on page 6 of this volume the names of some taxa have been misspelled. Subfamily Sauvagesoideae Lindl. should read Sauvagesioideae Lindl. The subtribal names Sauvagesinae and Luxemburginae (Planch.) Kanis should be changed to Sauvagesiinae and Luxemburgiinae (Planch.) Kanis respectively. The orthographic errors mentioned have been made consistently throughout the text.
In the same table the new subtribe Ouratinae (v. Tiegh.) Kanis was proposed with an incorrect reference to tribus Ourateae (non Engl.) v. Tiegh. (1902). The name Ourateae was introduced by Engler (Nova Acta Leop.-Carol. Akad. 37, 1874, 20) to indicate the tribe that should be called Ochneae, as Ochna L. should be considered the type genus of the family and lower taxa to which it belongs (cf. Art. 19: 3 of the present Code). Engler’s name was invalid, although he gave a Latin description (cf. Art. 32: 2 of the present Code). Van Tieghem correctly used the name Ourateae for a smaller tribe, segregated from his Ochneae. This should be considered as a new name, as he made a new description without reference to Engler’s. The new subtribe is based on the tribe Ourateae v. Tiegh. in Morot, J. Bot. 16 (1902) 33.
Document typearticle
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