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Record: oai:ARNO:526100

AuthorsJ.Ph. Pfeiffer, W.W. Varossieau
TitleClassification of the structural elements of the secondary wood of Dicotyledons, using decimal indices for classification and identification of wood species
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
Abstract1. The literature gives various methods to compile a universal scheme for the classification and identification of wood species. To attain this object a new method is now given possessing various advantages over the methods that have been used so far. 2. The wood structure is subsequently described using decimal indices. Each of five sections of features are divided into four groups, and these again in subgroups, which have been worked out by means of indices. In the treatment of various features literature data are discussed.
The classification of wood species aims at obtaining a grouping which, as far as possible, links up with the botanical groupings according to natural systems. 3. On the grounds given in the introduction and the discussion, the classification has been applied to features which can be perceived both with the unaided eye and a hand lens. The desirability and the possibility of classifying microscopic features in a similar way are dealt with briefly. 4. On the classification scheme an identification method is based employing loose cards. In this way, the number of woods included can be extended at will. Drawbacks attaching to the loose-card methods, used so far, have been obviated. 5. It is suggested that the decimal indexing of features should be normalized internationally.
The authors should greatly appreciate to receive any remarks and suggestions that might improve and supplement the classification system described.
Amsterdam/Delft, August 1944.
Document typearticle
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