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Record: oai:ARNO:526112

AuthorH.P. Nooteboom
TitleMichelia banghamii (Magnoliaceae), a new species from Sumatra
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractArbor magna ramulis appresse puberulis 2.5-4 mm crassis foliis 7 ad 12 cm longis, 3 ad 7 cm latis base rotunda venis lateralibus 10 ad 12 paribus petiolo 15 ad 25 mm longo cicatrice stipulorum ad dimidium vel longiore. Brachyblastus et gynophorus carpelliscum appresse puberuli. Gynophorus 3 ad 5 mm longus, carpellae 20 ad 30. Fructus 8-10 cm longus carpellis base axem adnatis. — Typus: Bangham 930 (A; iso NY), Sumatra, Takeugeum (sic!), 3600 ft alt., 15 Jan. 1932.
Big tree. Young twigs appressed puberulous, 2.5-4 mm thick. Leaves elliptic, very finely sparsely appressed puberulous beneath, glabrous above, 7-12 by 3-7 cm, base rounded, apex hardly or not acuminate, tip rather blunt; nerves in 10-12 pairs, meeting in a looped intramarginal vein; petiole 15-25 mm with stipular scar to above the middle. Brachyblast appressed puberulous, with 1 scar at or above the middle; perianth and stamens absent, tepals probably c. 14. Gynophore 3-5 mm, with the 20-30 carpels appressed greyish puberulous. Fruits 8-10 by 5-6 cm, fruiting carpels basally adnate to the axis, 1.5—4 by 1.2-c. 2 cm, dividing into two halves.
Document typearticle
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