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Record: oai:ARNO:526586

AuthorsR. van der Meijden, W.J. Holverda
TitleFloravervalsing door onachtzaamheid: Bromus inermis subsp. pumpellianus nieuw voor Nederland
JournalGorteria : tijdschrift voor de floristiek, de plantenoecologie en het vegetatie-onderzoek van Nederland
AbstractThis North American/East Asian taxon has been sown on a road verge in Leiden as a component of a commercial mixture of grass seeds from so-called ‘wild species’. It is likely that it will have been sown elsewhere in the Netherlands, too. After having been deliberately introduced in North America, subsp. inermis appeared to hybridize spontaneously with native subsp. pumpellianus. Thus it is not unlikely that the reverse situation is to be expected in Europe.
Document typearticle
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