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Record: oai:ARNO:527777

AuthorAnfred Pedersen
TitleOdontites verna (Bell.) Dum. subsp. pumila (Nordst.) A. Pedersen in Nederland
JournalGorteria : tijdschrift voor de floristiek, de plantenoecologie en het vegetatie-onderzoek van Nederland
AbstractThe author gives a brief survey of ecology, distribution, and differences in flowering time of Odontites verna (Bell.) Dum. subsp. verna, subsp. litoralis (Fr.) A. Pedersen, subsp. fennica (Markl.), subsp. serotina (Wettst.) E. F. Warb., and subsp. pumila (Nordst.) A. Pedersen. In a description of the last named differential characters with subsp. serotina are stressed. Subsp. pumila is known from sandy pastures along the coasts of S. W. Sweden, Denmark, N. and N. W. Germany, and the Netherlands. Fig. 1 gives a map, showing the distribution in the Netherlands, based on the material of the Rijksherbarium, Leiden.
Document typearticle
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