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Record: oai:ARNO:531758

AuthorD.L. Hawksworth
TitleFarrowia, a new genus in the Chaetomiaceae
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
AbstractThe new genus Farrowia D. Hawksw. is described to accommodate Chaetomium longicolleum Krzem. & Badura and C. longirostre (Farrow) L. Ames, species formerly incorrectly referred to Chaetoceratostoma Turc. & Maffei. These two species are united under the name F. longicollea (Krzem. & Badura) D. Hawksw. comb, nov., the type species of Farrowia. The genus is also considered to include two further species, F. malaysiensis D. Hawksw. sp. nov. and F. seminuda (L. Ames) D. Hawksw. comb. nov. (syn. Chaetomium seminudum L. Ames). The separation of the genus from Chaetomium Kunze ex Fr. and Scopinella Lév. is discussed and conidial states reported in the family Chaetomiaceae Wint. reviewed. A key to the species of the Chaetomiaceae with Botryotrichum-like. aleuriospores is included. The name B. piluliferum Sacc. & Marchal may refer to conidial states of several members of the Chaetomiaceae in addition to C. piluliferum J. Daniels.
Document typearticle
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