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Record: oai:ARNO:531934

AuthorE. Kits van Waveren
TitleRedescription of Rhodophyllus scabiosus (Fr.) Quél
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
AbstractOn September 21st 1975 Mr. J. Geesink, Den Helder, found a few carpophores of a species of Rhodophyllus in the Wieringermeer and mailed them to the Rijksherbarium at Leiden for identification. Although the carpophores arrived in fragments Dr. C. Bas was able to identify them as Rhodophyllus jubatus (Fr.) Quél. He noticed, however, that the spore sizes are smaller (6.6-7.4 x 5.6-5.9 μm) than those mentioned for this species in the literature.
In January 1976 we showed Dr. Bas the dried and intact material of five welldeveloped specimens, obviously of the same species, that we had found on September 25th 1975 under oak shrubs at Overveen. Although the spore sizes of these specimens are also smaller (7.2-8.1 X 5.4-6.3 μm) than those given in the literature for R. jubatus and although the lecythiform cheilocystidia differ from those depicted by Kühner & Romagnesi (1953: 198, fig. 277) for the ‘Jubati typiques’, we also had identified the specimens as R. jubatus.
Document typearticle
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