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Record: oai:ARNO:531954

AuthorsC.B. Uljé, M.E. Noordeloos
TitleStudies in Coprinus III — Coprinus section Veliformes. Subdivision and revision of subsection Nivei emend
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
AbstractCoprinus section Veliformes is defined and delimited to comprise four subsections: subsection Micacei, subsection Domestici, subsection Nivei, and subsection Narcotici, subsection nov. A key to the subsections is given. Subsection Nivei is emended, including also most taxa of subsection Flocculosi Citerin. A key is given to all species known from the Netherlands, or to be expected in the Netherlands on account of records from neighbouring countries. Three new species are described, viz. Coprinus nemoralis, C. idae and C. pseudoniveus. A neotype has been selected for Coprinus poliomallus Romagn. The following species are fully described: C. bellulus, C. candidates, C. cardiasporus, C. coniophorus, C. cordisporus, C. cortinatus, C. cothurnatus, C. ephemeroides, C. idae, C. iocularis, C. nemoralis, C. niveus, C. pachyspermus, C. patouillardii, C. pseudoniveus, C. pilosotomentosus, C. poliomallus, C. pseudocortinatus, C. ramosocystidiatus and C. utrifer.
Document typearticle
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