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Record: oai:ARNO:532019

AuthorsJ. Hulvey, S. Telle, L. Nigrelli, K. Lamour, M. Thines
TitleSalisapiliaceae – a new family of oomycetes from marsh grass litter of southeastern North America
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
KeywordsBark beetles; China; conifers; Grosmannia; hardwoods; Ophiostomatales
AbstractLeptographium spp. are anamorphs of Grosmannia residing in the order Ophiostomatales. These fungi are typically associated with bark-beetles and are common causal agents of sapstain in lumber and some are important tree pathogens. In this study, Leptographium spp. associated with bark beetles collected during a survey in Jilin and Yunnan provinces of China, were identified. Identifications were achieved using comparisons of morphological characters and DNA sequence data for the ITS2-partial LSU rDNA region, as well as the β-tubulin and EF-1α gene regions. Eight unknown species of Leptographium are recognised and described from conifer and hardwood hosts, associated with beetles including Ips subelongatus, Tomicus yunnanensis, Hylurgops minor, Polygraphus verrucifrons and a Pissodes sp. Six of the new species are morphologically and phylogenetically related to species known to occur in Asia such as G. yunnanense, L. bhutanense, L. bistatum and L. sinoprocerum. The remaining two taxa are related to those in a group containing G. americana and L. abietinum, found in North America. This study also provides the first report of L. pineti on Pinus kesiya in China.
Document typearticle
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