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Record: oai:ARNO:532032

AuthorC. Bas
TitleNotes on Agaricales—II
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
AbstractGalerina uncialis, originally described as a species growing on mossy trunks, but found to be growing in abundance on terrestrial mosses, is redescribed and compared with other annulate species of Galerina of the open country. Pholiota pumila sensu F. H. Möller is redescribed as Galerina moelleri nov. spec., and Galera pumila f. oreina J. Favre reduced to the synonymy of Galerina moelleri. Pholiota pumila var. subferruginea Möller & Lange is regarded as a nomen dubium. Attention is drawn to the fact that Galerina unicolor (Vahl ex Sommerf.) Sing. in its original sense is a terrestrial species. The new combination Galerina praticola is proposed, and the microscopical description of the species supplemented.
Document typearticle
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