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Record: oai:ARNO:532146

AuthorsGregory M. Mueller, Else C. Vellinga
TitleTaxonomic and nomenclatural notes on Laccaria B. & Br. Laccaria amethystea, L. fraterna, L. laccata, L. pumila, and their synonyms
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
AbstractLaccaria amethystea, not L. amethystina nor L. calospora, is shown to be the correct name for the amethyst colored Laccaria. A neotype for L. amethystea is proposed and a complete list of its synonyms is given. Data which support placing L. ohiensis and L. tetraspora in synonymy with L. laccata are discussed and three varieties within L. laccata are recognized. These varieties are L. laccata var. laccata, L. laccata var. moelleri, and L. laccata var. pallidifolia. Based on these data, a synonymy list and description of each variety is presented. Laccaria laccata var. pallidifolia is shown to be the most common and abundant variety. The correct name for L. striatula sensu Sing. non Peck is L. pumila and for L. ohiensis sensu Sing, non Montagne is L. fraterna.
Document typearticle
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