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Record: oai:ARNO:532235

AuthorM.E. Noordeloos
TitleEntoloma subgenus Nolanea in the Netherlands and adjacent regions with a reconnaissance of its remaining taxa in Europe
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
AbstractEntoloma subgenus Nolanea (emend. Romagnesi 1978) is revised on account of personal observations and studies on collections from various herbaria. The types of European taxa, as far as they could be recovered, have been examined. Observations on extralimital taxa are included. The infrageneric classification of Romagnesi (1978) is followed in broad outline with some slight alterations: sect. Papillata is emended by including sections Minuta Romagn. and Cosmeoxonema Fernandae, Largent & Thiers. One new section, viz. sect. and four new subsections, viz. subsect. Tristia, Icterina, Infularia, and Cheilocystidiata are introduced. 54 Taxa are recognized, five of which are new: Entoloma sericeum var. cinereo-opacum, E. fernandae f. eccilioides, E. chlorophyllum, E. globulifer, and E. sphaerocystis. Several new combinations are proposed, viz. Entoloma ambrosium, E. clandestinum, E. conferendum, E. conferendum var. pusillum, E. cuspidifer, E. hirtipes var. sericoides, E. inutile, E. infula, E. sacchariolens, E. sericeoides, E. sericeonitens, E. sericeum f. nolaniforme. E. solstitiale, E. verecundum, and Entoloma sect. Staurospora, sect. Turfosa, subsect. Cosmeoxonema, subsect. Fibulata, and subsect. Minuta. For nomenclatural reasons two new names are introduced, viz. Entoloma leptopus to replace Nolanea tenuipes P. D. Orton and E. foetulentum to replace Nolanea foetida Killermann. Keys, descriptions and illustrations are given to all species accepted. In an appendix doubtful and excluded species are briefly discussed.
Document typearticle
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