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Record: oai:ARNO:532406

AuthorM.A. Donk
TitleCheck list of European Hymenomycetous Heterobasidiae [Cont’d]
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
Abstract(62). In some respects Tremella encephala is even more variable than other species of the genus, for instance, as to colour, there are at least three principal shades. First, hyaline-whitish, the white colour being mainly due to the white kernel that shows through. It was this condition, I believe, that received the name Tremella alabastrina.
A delicate flesh colour is very common. Neuhoff (1936b: 23) has suggested that Tremella fragiformis Pers. (which Persoon called ‘ruber’) was annotated by its German collector as stawberry (fraise) coloured and that Persoon misunderstood the information: “in der deutschen Tuchindustrie bedeutet fräsfarben ein milchiges Fleischrosa, das dem Farbton der T. encephala vollkommen entspricht.” It may be pointed out that when Persoon published a coloured picture of his species he stated in the French version of the text: “sa couleur à l’exterieur est semblable à celle de la fraise; intérieurement elle est pâle.” However, the accompanying figure shows the fruitbody as dingy pink rather than red.
Document typearticle
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