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Record: oai:ARNO:532512

AuthorC.G.G.J. van Steenis
JournalFlora Malesiana - Series 1, Spermatophyta
AbstractErect, glabrous, dioecious shrub or small tree. Twigs 4-angular, rhomboid in section, more or less zigzag, pithy; pith in young twigs ± terete, in older ones cross-like in section; medullary rays very regular, finely radial-parallel. Leaves simple, alternate, bifarious, flat in flush, shortly petioled, crenulate-dentate, nigrescent, penninerved, veins transversal, ultimate veins partly blind in the intervenal areoles. Stipules small, acute, their lower part persistent and hardened. Inflorescences terminal, in their lower part leafy, bracteate, consisting of a raceme of peduncled, spike-like racemes with telescoped tubular bracts sustained at the base by 1 bract and 2 stipules. Bracts persistent, accrescent, truncate, veined lengthwise, the uncovered part thicker, each 1-flowered except the terminal one which is 2-flowered. Flowers in each raceme developing from the base upwards, on a flattened, persistent pedicel. Perianth connate, rather fleshy, corollar, consisting of 6 lobes, imbricate in bud, 3 inner and 3 outer ones, in the ♀ about equal, in the ♂ the inner ones smallest, ♂ Flowers: perianth segments shorter than the tube, inner ones spaced, spathulate; extrastaminal disk glands 3, blunt, oblong, fleshy at the base of the sulcate filaments; filaments connate in a column opposite the inner tepals; anthers 2-celled, dehiscing lengthwise, extrorse; connective produced above the anthers, rounded; pollen grains 3-colpate. ♀ Flowers: perianth ± persistent, perianth-lobes longer than the tube, about equal; disk glands absent (but possibly disk-like tissue of receptacular origin participating in the ovarial wall); ovary urceolate, thickened fleshy at the mouth and with recurved margin, 9-12- sulcate, the apical part possibly representing a glandular-stigmatic surface depressed in the centre and through a distinct (?style-)canal giving free entrance to the ovarial cavity. Ovules ~, crowded on the flat base of the ovary, linear, erect, on a minute funicle, anatropous. Fruiting receptacle ± globose to broad-cylindric, fleshy, accrescent, 9—12-ribbed or -sulcate, breaking up at the mouth. Seeds densely packed, their needle-like bases surrounded by and partly connate with a spongy tissue of scarious lamellae of placental origin; seeds terete, narrow oblanceolate, with a blunt, obliquely cut, concave apex, shortly erect-patent pubescent over its whole surface; testa black, brittle-chartaceous; endosperm attached at the apex of the testa, cylindric, outer cell layer brown, enveloping the embryo. Embryo straight in the basal part of the seed the rootlet pointing downward, rootlet slightly compressed, cotyledons oblong, flat, thin-foliaceous, somewhat longer than the rootlet.
Distr. Monotypic, in Malaysia (Borneo).
Document typearticle
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