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Record: oai:ARNO:532707

AuthorsA.M.N. van Hooren, H.P. Nooteboom
JournalFlora Malesiana - Series 1, Spermatophyta
AbstractIn this work Linaceae sensu lato have been split into three families: Linaceae, Ixonanthaceae and Ctenolophonaceae, among which the latter deviates most.
In order to elucidate distinction of the two segregated families of Linaceae sensu lato VAN HOOREN & NOOTEBOOM (Blumea 29, 1984, 550) prepared the following diagnoses: Linaceae — Lianas, trees, shrubs, or herbs. Tufted hairs absent. Stipules lateral. Leaves spirally or distichously arranged. Flowers hypogynous. Petals caducous, contorted. Disk absent (or traces of an extrastaminal disk present, l.c. 556 sub Philbornea). Filaments basally connate in a tube. Styles 3—5(—6), simple. Fruit a drupe or a capsule (sometimes with indehiscent mericarps). Seed not persistent, with slightly or not developed arillode. — Stomata paracytic. Ixonanthaceae — Trees. Tufted hairs absent. Stipules lateral. Leaves spirally arranged. Flowers perigynous. Petals persistent in fruit, imbricate (extra-Mal. also contorted). Disk intrastaminal. Filaments free, inserted outside and against the disk. Style 1, simple. Fruit a capsule. Seed not persistent, with an obvious basal wing or suprahilar arillode. — Stomata paracytic. Ctenolophonaceae — Trees. Tufted hairs present. Stipules interpetiolar. Leaves opposite. Flowers hypogynous. Petals caducous, contorted. Disk extrastaminal. Filaments free, inserted halfway on inside of disk. Style 1, apically bifurcate, with 2 stigmas. Fruit a capsule. Seed persistent on the columella after the valves have been shed, with hairy-papillose arillode. — Stomata anomocytic.
Document typearticle
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