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Record: oai:ARNO:532711

AuthorsR.E. Holttum, E. Hennipman
TitleLomariopsis group
JournalFlora Malesiana - Series 2, Pteridophyta
AbstractRhizome creeping or low-climbing (Bolbitis) or climbing ( Lomariopsis, etc.) or epiphytic (Elaphoglossum), dorsiventral, with a broad ventral vascular strand which supplies the roots and one or more dorsal strands (the fronds in two or more longitudinal rows, according to the number of strands); stipes jointed to rhizome (Teratophyllum, Elaphoglossum) or not, containing several separate vascular strands; scales peltate or pseudopeltate, clathrate or not; no elongate unicellular hairs. Rhizomes of young plants always with one dorsal meristele, this condition persisting to the adult plant in Teratophyllum and many species of Elaphoglossum. Fronds simple ( Elaphoglossum, Bolbitis spp.), pinnate (all but Elaphoglossum) or bipinnate ( Teratophyllum and Lomagramma spp.), the pinnae on fronds of Lomariopsis, Teratophyllum and Lomagramma jointed to the rachis, terminal unjointed lamina present in Lomariopsis; distinctive bathyphylls, usually more dissected than acrophylls, present in genera with climbing rhizomes (least distinctive in Lomariopsis); veins free ( Teratophyllum, Lomariopsis, most Elaphoglossum, some Bolbitis) or uniting near the margin ( Elaphoglossum spp.) or in several series of areoles with (most species of Bolbitis) or without ( Lomagramma; Bolbitis p.p.) free veins in the areoles. Fertile fronds with reduced lamina, covered beneath (rarely also above) with sporangia (except Thysanosoria, where sori are at ends of veins only), a special vascular supply for the sporangia variously developed or not; spores with perispore (except Lomagramma).
Genera. Bolbitis SCHOTT, Lomariopsis FÉE, Lomagramma J.SM., Teratophyllum METT., Thysanosoria GEPP, Elaphoglossum J.SM.; also Peltapteris LINK (Rhipidopteris FÉE ex SCHOTT) and Microstaphyla PRESL, small genera of tropical America and St Flelena, allied to Elaphoglossum and not dealt with in the present work.
Document typearticle
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