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Record: oai:ARNO:532725

AuthorMasahiro Kato
JournalFlora Malesiana - Series 2, Pteridophyta
AbstractMatoniaceae C. Presl, Gefässb. Stipes Farm (1847) 32; Copel., Gen. Fil. (1947) 173; Holttum, Revis. Fl. Malaya 2 (1955) 58; K.U. Kramer in Kubitzki (ed.), Fam. & Gen. Vase. PI. 1 (1990) 183.
Rhizomes creeping, dorsiventral, polycyclic-solenostelic, densely covered by lightbrown or brown hairs. Leaves alternate on the dorsal side of rhizome; stipes polished, glabrous; lamina either pedate with pectinate pinnae, or alternately pinnate with pinnae consisting of resting buds or bud-derived leaflets and linear, simple or forked pinnules; veins free or anastomosing in soriferous parts. Sori round or elliptic, in one row on either side of costule or midrib; indusia thick-stalked, peltate, thick in central portion and membranous and inrolled in marginal portion; sporangia in one or a few layers around receptacle, consisting of short, thick stalk and capsule with incomplete oblique annuli. Spores tetrahedral, trilete. Gametic chromosome number n = 25 or 26.
Document typearticle
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