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Record: oai:ARNO:532884

TitleEditorial news
JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractIt was decided that starting from volume 13 the subdivision of volumes into parts will be abandoned. It has appeared that almost nowhere, not even in public libraries, the parts were bound together into the thick volumes, so there is no reason at all to maintain the subdivision. We will also take the opportunity to modernize and embellish the cover.
Volume 13 is expected to be available in September 1997. It will be quite a thick issue of 452 pages and it will contain treatments of seven families, three of which are (hemi-) parasitic. Contents will be: Rafflesiaceae (W. Meijer, KY), Boraginaceae (incl. Pteleocarpa, of uncertain position; H. Riedl, W), Daphniphyllaceae (T.-C. Huang, TAI), Illiciaceae and Schisandraceae (R.M.K. Saunders, University of Hong Kong), Loranthaceae and Viscaceae (B.A. Barlow, CANB).
Document typearticle
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