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JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractM.A.H.A. Magazine. On p. 495 it was announced that this quarterly published by the Malayan Agri-Horticultural Association was revived and the volumes now received (vol. 12 for 1955 and 15 for 1956) appear to be as well executed as before, with numerous illustrations, several coloured plates, and a varied text of interest to gardeners, and horticulture, people interested in agriculture and life-stock, and in growing plants, cactus & succulents, orchids, etc. both native and introduced. The price for each part of vol. 12 was Str. $ 1.50; this has now been raised to Str. $ 2. Annual subscription for membership is Str. $ 10. c/o Messrs Walgrens Ltd. P.O. Box 277. Kuala Lumpur.
Muelleria. An Australian journal of Botany. This is a new journal issued by the Melbourne Botanical Garden, financed by the Maud Gibson Gardens Trust, Melbourne. The first number, dated Aug. 1955 (distributed 22.2.1956), with a foreword by Prof. Turner and a preface by the director, Mr A.W. Jessep, covers 64 pages 8° and is well executed. It is named after the Baron, F. von Mueller, who was 26 Jan. 1855 appointed Victoria’s first Government Botanist, and added such lustre and world renown to his office. Intended primarily for the publication of botanical monographs, descriptions of new species, horticultural papers, systematic and historic notes by officers of the Melbourne Herbarium, the largest repository in Australia, it will be wide enough in scope to embrace items of interest by members of other herbaria, and by amateur botanists both within and outside Victoria. It will be issued from time to time, as occasion demands; Mr J.H. Willis has consented to act as editor. The first number contains several interesting papers, some of which have been incorporated in the bibliography.
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