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Record: oai:ARNO:532895

AuthorF.S.P. Ng
TitleEnd of the road for Imperata cylindrica?
JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractThe other day, a young local biologist asked me what ‘lalang’ (Imperata cylindrica) looked like. Everybody used to know what lalang looked like, because it used to grow all along the roadsides. But not anymore. There are at least two species of grasses being planted along the new highways that criss-cross Malaysia. One is Vetiveria zizanioides and the other is something that has yet to be identified (probably Urochloa ruziziensis; Ed.). The space for lalang has therefore been pre-empted.
Furthermore, the highways are all fenced to prevent cattle and people from entering except at designated openings. Consequently, the old practice of keeping cattle and allowing them to roam has almost come to an end. Lalang used to be maintained as a fire climax by cow owners setting fire to Imperata fields on the roadsides. The cow owners have given up. Besides, open burning has become illegal.
Document typearticle
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