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Record: oai:ARNO:532898

TitleEditorial news
JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractJust published. A great event has been the publication of the treatment of Sapindaceae in Flora Malesiana 11(3). The revision work of this family, well-known for its fruit trees Rambutan and Lychee, was started years ago by Dr. P.H. Leenhouts, later joined by Dr. P.C. van Welzen, Dr. F.A.C.B. Adema, and Mr. H. Turner. Dealing with 42 genera and 325 species, it is a major contribution towards the progress of the FM project.
Forthcoming. The next FM volume (12) is already in preparation. Volume 12(1) will deal with the Meliaceae (D.J. Mabberley, C.M. Pannell, A.M. Sing, T.P. Clark & J.M. Edmonds) and is presently at the printers. Volume 12(2), comprising the treatments of Caesalpiniaceae (Ding Hou, K. & S.S. Larsen, J.P. Rojo), Geitonoplesiaceae (J.E. Laferriere) and Lowiaceae (K. Larsen), is in the final editorial phase. Manuscripts on Boraginaceae (H. Riedl), Hernandiaceae (B.E.E. Duyfjes), and Loranthaceae (B.A. Barlow) are being edited now and publication of these families will follow in part 3.
Document typearticle
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