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Record: oai:ARNO:532901

JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractFlora Malesiana series i volume 8 instalment 2, pages 31-300, came from the press in December 1977*. It contains the Ulmaceae by E. Soepadmo: 6 genera, 27 species; the Iridaceae by D.J.L. Geerinck: 6 genera, 7 species; the Cornaceae by K.M. Matthew: 1 genus Mastixia with 10 species; the Onagraceae by P.H. Raven: 2 genera, 14 species; the Bignoniaceae by C.G.G. J. van Steenis: 15 genera, 31 species + in concise treatment 23 ornamental species; the Crypteroniaceae by R.J. van Beusekom-Osinga: 3 genera, 8 species; the Symplocaceae by H.P. Nooteboom: 1 genus Symplocos, 58 species; the Lentibulariaceae by P. Taylor: 1 genus Utricularia, 22 species.
Volume 8 instalment 3 is in proof. It contains the Labiatae and Anacardiaceae, as well as some Addenda, the Dedication to F.A.W. Miquel, and the Index, since volume 8 will then be completed.
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