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Record: oai:ARNO:533055

TitleExpeditions and other exploration
JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractThe Flora of Ceylon Project (continued from p. 1684). This project of the Smithsonian Institution stands in Ceylon under the responsibility of Dr. R. Read, who himself is working on Monocots. Otherwise it is performed by visiting botanists who get transport, drying facilities, and can amply do field work in their groups, by being given landrover transport (and driver) and subsistence. Prom Dr. F.R. Fosberg, who is in general charge, we received the following list of participants (up till Oct. 1969) and the groups they have agreed to revise: Dr. Tetsuo Koyama: Cyperaceae (part) – Prof. Delbert Wiens: Loranthaceae – Prof. William Theobald: Bignoniaceae, Gesneriaceae, Pedaliaceae – Dr. Herbert Huber: Apocynaceae, Asclepiadaceae – Prof. William Macnae: Rhizophoraceae, Lecythidaceae, Sonneratiaceae – Prof. E.J.H. Corner: Moraceae – Dr. A.J.C. Grierson: Compositae – Dr. André Robyns: Bombacaceae, Tiliaceae, Sterculiaceae – Dr. R.D. Hoogland: Dilleniaceae, Magnoliaceae – Dr. A.J.G.H. Kostermans: Lauraceae, Mimosaceae, Guttiferae – Prof. Louis C. Wheeler: Euphorbiaceae (part) – Dr. Robert Read: Palmae, Typhaceae, Pandanaceae?, Xyridaceae?, Bromeliaceae, Aponogetonaceae, Pontederiaceae, Juncaceae, Eriocaulaceae? – Mr. Amaratunga: Proteaceae, Nepenthaceae, Droseraceae, Oxalidaceae, Malpighiaceae, Buxaceae, Bixaceae – Mr. N. Wirawan: Capparidaceae – Dr. Thomas R. Soderstrom: Gramineae (part) – Mrs. Annette Hladik: Umbelliferae, Araliaceae – Dr. D.N.A. Jayaweera: Orchidaceae – Dr. L.H. Cramer: Scrophulariaceae – Mr. C.F. van Beusekom: Sabiaceae, Gaertnera.
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