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Record: oai:ARNO:533117

TitleMiscellaneous information
JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractFlora of West tropical Africa. A new edition of Hutchinson and Dalzielā€™s useful work is being prepared by Mr R.W.J. Keay (assisted by Mr F.N. Hepper). Part 1, containing the introductory matter, Gymnosperms and families Annonaceae to Guttiferae appeared August 1954; obtainable from the Crown Agents London (sh. 25.-).
Flora of Tropical East Africa. Under supervision of Drs E. Milne-Redhead W.B. Turrill this new Flora is now well in progress. Its shape is as concise as possible under the circumstances. Up to May 1954 9 instalments have appeared each treating a separate family, viz Ranunculaceae, Oleaceae, Marantaceae, Tropaceae, Onagraceae, Hypericaceae, Turneraceae, Pedaliaceae, Chenopodiaceae. There is also a special glossary and foreword and preface with a list of abbreviations. This promises to be a very critical flora.
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