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Record: oai:ARNO:533351

TitleBoard news
JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractThanks to the hospitality and arrangements of Professor IWATSUKI, the Board could meet during the XV International Botanical Congress. At the meeting Prof. LUCAS AND DR. Roos were re-appointed, whereas Dr. BURLEY was appointed to succeed Dr. STEVENS as representative of the Harvard University. The Board now consists of Prof. APRILANI SOEGIARTO (LIPI; chairman, 1994), Prof. P. BAAS (L; vice-chairman, 1996), Dr. M.C. Roos (L; secretary/treasurer, 1998), Prof. K. LARSEN (AAU; member Executive Committee, 1994), Prof. A. LATIFF MOHAMAD (UKMB; member Executive Committee, 1994), Dr. B.A. BARLOW (CSIRO; 1997), Prof. K. IWATSUKI (TI; 1996), Prof. G.LL. LUCAS (K; 1998), Dr. D.A. MADULID (PNH; 1997), Prof. PH. MORAT (P; 1995), Dr. F.S.P. NG (FAO-Rome; 1995), Dr. D.H. NICOLSON (US; 1997), Prof. P.H. RAVEN (MO; 1995), Prof. M.A. RIFAI (BO; 1995), Dr. S.H. SOHMER (Bot.Res. Inst., Fort Worth; 1996), Dr. P. SRIVASTAVA (LAE; to be succeeded by Mr. O. Gideon), Dr. J. BURLEY (A; 1998).
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