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Record: oai:ARNO:533441

TitleResearch and publications
JournalFlora Malesiana Bulletin
AbstractFlora of Taiwan, ed. 2. — A brief survey of the history and progress was published by the Chairman of the Editorial Committee, T.C. HUANG [J. Jap. Bot. 65 (1990) 155-158].
Genetic resources of under-utilised plants in Malaysia. — It has been estimated that the region is home to 12,000 species of seed plants, many of which are underutilised. Wild progenitors, weedy relatives, and primitive cultivars contribute an invaluable treasure to the long-term strategy of breeding programmes, biotechnology, and genetic engineering. Timber species, medicinal plants, rattan, vegetable, root and tuber crops, ornamentals, and fruit trees are highlighted in A.H. ZAKRI (1989) (See Reviews).
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