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Record: oai:ARNO:533511

AuthorM.M.J. van Balgooy
TitlePortraits of Non-Tree Families
JournalMalesian seed plants - an aid or identification of families and genera
AbstractThis is the third and final volume of the series ‘Malesian Seed Plants’. It contains the ‘portraits’ of 124 non-tree families, i.e. families which are mainly herbaceous, climbing, shrubby, or trees with a stem diameter at breast height of less than 10 cm or a height of less than 10 m.
Users of the present book are referred to Volume 1 of this series (Van Balgooy 1997) for an explanation of the historical background of the series and a survey of spot-characters, and to Volume 2 (Van Balgooy 1998) for a glossary of terms and instructions how to use the ‘portraits’.
Document typearticle
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