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Record: oai:ARNO:534398

AuthorDaniel F.R. Cleary
TitleCommunity composition and species richness of parasitoids infesting Yponomeuta species in the Netherlands
JournalContributions to Zoology
KeywordsANOSIM; beta diversity; community composition; distance; species richness
AbstractParasitoid assemblages infesting Yponomeuta species in the Netherlands were investigated. Parasitoid species richness and community composition were related to host species, habitat, temporal and spatial variation. Both community structure and species richness did not differ among habitats. There was no significant difference in species richness between years (1994 and 1995) but there was a significant difference in community composition. Community composition and species richness both differed among host species, although this latter result was solely due to the host species Y. evonymellus. There was no significant relationship between community similarity and distance. These results indicate that the parasitoids of the moth genus Yponomeuta in the Netherlands appear to form a spatially stable, but temporally variable community. Most of the variation in community structure was, however, related to the host species. The marked difference in parasitoid species richness and community composition of Y. evonymellus when compared to the other species warrants further study.
Document typearticle
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