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Record: oai:ARNO:534744

AuthorsF.P. Jonker, J.J. Wensink
TitleDe natuurwetenschappelijke expeditie naar de emmaketen in Suriname, juli-oktober 1959
JournalMededelingen van het Botanisch Museum en Herbarium van de Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht
AbstractAn account is given of a scientific expedition to the Emma Range in Dutch Guiana. The expedition left on 10 July 1959 from Paramaribo, and after five days reached the base camp on the Toekoemoetoe creek, a tributary of the upper Saramacca River. From here the expedition proceeded by foot to the Emma Range. The main camp was situated at the foot of the range, at a height of 325 m. Two subsidary camps were set up at the north and south of the range respectively. On the 28th October the expedition returned to Paramaribo.
Document typearticle
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