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Record: oai:ARNO:534806

AuthorE. Kliphuis
TitleCytotaxonomic notes on some Galium species Galium boreale L. I
JournalMededelingen van het Botanisch Museum en Herbarium van de Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht
AbstractCytologioal investigations within Galium boreale L. showed the occurrence of tetraploids (2n=44) as well as hexaploids (2n=66) in Europe.
Comparative morphological studies failed to demonstrate any differences in characters between the two cytotypes. Crosses between the tetraploid and hexaploid were unsuccessful, due to the occurrence of a strong and effective barrier between the two levels of ploidy.
From a taxonomical point of view the two cytotypes are considered as to belong to the same taxon.
Document typearticle
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